Roguelikes at TIGSource

I’ve been wanting to write about the roguelike discussions and developments centered around the TIGSource forums and competitions for some time.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time now to really do the topic justice.  However, there’s a hot topic building right now that I wanted to link to introducing a roguelike newbie to various hallmarks of the genre.  See it here:

I was quick to recommend Brogue of course, and I also recommended 100 Rogues, my favorite iPhone roguelike.  There are some familiar names coming up in the discussions and some unfamiliar as well.  Looks like I’ve found some new games to check out!

Another reason for you to follow the roguelike discussions at TIGSource is the regularity of roguelike games that come up.  Last year, their Assemblee competition resulted in the famous “Oryx tileset”, a set of lo-fi roguelike assets that have been used in many games since then.  My favorite is Realm of the Mad God, a Flash based massively multiplayer co-op shooter that introduces procedurally generated dungeons after random monster kills.  I like it so much I built the game a community website that’s turned into the most trafficked website I’ve ever built.  😛


~ by roguewombat on February 4, 2011.

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