Support Slash, a Roguelike Developer

Slash, a very prolific and experimental roguelike developer, has just announced a supporter license program for his games.  I’ve blogged about one of his games here in the past (Ruler, his 2010 7DRL).  He’s the creator of various video game Roguelike adaptations, including CastlevaniaRL, ZeldaRL, MetroidRL, not to mention his custom games that range in size and scope from small to epic.  Slash also maintains Temple of the Roguelike, the entry point for a lot of roguelike players and a discussion place for many developers.

The support license brings with it a few perks, but the main benefit of course is that it gives you an opportunity to reward a prolific developer for the great free games he’s made for years.  It can then further encourage him and support him as he develops his various titles further and expands his efforts in other areas, like Pixal.

So… what are you waiting for?  It’s as easy as a click of the PayPal button… 😉


~ by roguewombat on January 11, 2011.

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