Quickie post: Brogue 1.3 is amazing!

I don’t have time to post updated screenshots or gameplay notes, but the recent release of Brogue 1.3 is phenomenal.  If you haven’t played it before, it’s now fully cross-platform and is even better than the last time I reviewed it.  There’s new terrain, monsters, leveling, visual effects, and much more.  Check out the release notes in the forum (never knew that was there : ) and then download and get to playin’.

I’ve also found a stellar RL for the iPhone called 100 Rogues that I look forward to reviewing in full.  It’s the first RL that I’ve actually found enjoyable to play on the device, even though both the original Rogue and Nethack have decent ports to the system.  I’ll say why in a review down the road…

~ by roguewombat on July 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Quickie post: Brogue 1.3 is amazing!”

  1. It’ll be great to see another review! Your last one carried considerable weight and brought the game a good share of well-deserved attention.

  2. Totally agree with mr Joshua.
    And Brogue deserves alot more attention in my opinion. Beats the heck out of alot of other “famous” roguelikes.

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