7DRL 2010: Terraforma (pt. 3)

Well, I’ve gotten as far as I’m really going to get this week.  I’ll be spending tomorrow making up for this evening on a term paper. 🙂 Still, I at least achieved a walk-around demo and worldmap generator, but there are plenty of things yet to be done.

Terraforma Walkaround Demo

Download the demo. (Windows .exe + FreeBasic source)

What the demo includes:

  • Walk around with the arrow keys / numpad (w/o Num Lock)
  • Collect minerals from magenta % (mineral deposits)
  • Deposit minerals into your Terrapack (the yellow &)
  • Watch the map unveil as the Terrapack levels up

It does not include a message handler, so the flavor text that shows up when you boot is all you’ll get.  Just watch the status bar on the left to see changes as you harvest minerals and deposit them at your Terrapack.

I’m happy with the variation I’m getting as the worldmap expands, but I’m definitely going to have to work on it a bit.  You’ll notice different tiles and colors (for visited sectors) are used depending on the elevation and humidity of the sector.  However, the randomization I’m using required me to limit the ranges used for different tiles to show any variation at all. 😛

Next on the docket, post-competition, is to clean up the code I’ve thrown together to get it to this demo state.  After that, I’ll work on changing the movement code a bit.  Right now it simply won’t do to add in monsters and their movement because of a bottleneck I created with a function that checks the tile the player is trying to move into.

I’m definitely open to ideas / feedback… I know this is pretty raw material, so no worries if nothing comes to mind. 😉

~ by roguewombat on March 13, 2010.

One Response to “7DRL 2010: Terraforma (pt. 3)”

  1. I gave it a spin and it’s quite enjoyable to watch the map unfold in relation to your mining. I like the basic presentation with the HUD/map/minimap too.

    Your original post for the game was super interesting so I hope you continue with this.

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